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Geenkle develops WiFi and apps solutions for your marketing needs.

Join our reseller program all over the world

Contact us and start to make money by selling the service in your zone.
You will have a whole console at your fingers to monitor your installations and spread your network across your geographical area.
You will discover how is simple to configure, deploy and manage.
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Use your WiFi hotspot network to spread your business and your marketing

Offer the WiFi service to your users.
Monetize your service by doing marketing campaigns through your WiFi network.
Discover the power of the proximity marketing.
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Discover your users trends and composition

Understand who are your users and what are they searching for.
Understand who are your people is the key to improve your business performances.
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Discover people flows

Understand the behaviour of the people across your area and what are the most common paths.
Understand where people go and where people stop, optimize your people flows and maximize the performance of your area.
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